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75th Anniversary75th AnniversaryDuring the 2015 Nevada Wing Conference Col Brian Bishop, PCR/CC, granted Col. Timothy Hahn, outgoing Nevada Wing Commander, the permanent rank of colonel. Col Carol Lynn then assumed command of Nevada Wing and began her four year term leading our members across the Silver State.

Several presentations were made at the Wing Conference and they can be accessed on our Staff Meeting page .

Congratulations for Capt Sadiq Patankar, Nevada Wing Director of Finance, on being named the National Director of Finance of the year. Capt Patankar has not only done amazing things for the Nevada Wing he also advises National Headquarters and the CAP Foundation on finance. His has recently earned Level 4 and is slated to attend National Staff College next year. This is a very prestigious award that he has certainly earned.

Nevada Wing is proud to announce that it has been awarded a "Highly Successful" on the 2015 Mission Employment Evaluation. The evaluation team was very complimentary towards the wing, with one area receiving an “Outstanding”, ten areas receiving “Highly Successful” and four areas receiving the rating “Successful.” The ultimate goal of the evaluation team is to help Nevada Wing improve its ability to perform Air Force assigned missions across the spectrum of SAR, DR, and HLS missions. This includes efforts on a scale which necessitate the use of National Incident Management System processes. The results of the evaluation once again demonstrates that our members are ready to respond to a variety of missions expertly and successfully!